Reversing Physical Aging with Hormone Therapies with Dr. Evan Gikontes' supervision

Giving you a second youth

One day, looking in the mirror, that first wrinkle appears. So insignificant, yet it’s an uncomfortable reminder of our mortality. Will we feel the first concern, a touch of fear, as questions pop into our mind? Are we going downhill from now on, will we someday no longer be desirable, fading a little day by day?

While we may still have our dreams, our imagination, our longings, age nevertheless presses down upon us and reminds us that time is passing.

The first wrinkles will show around the eyes and the lips. Our face loses a little of its sparkle. Its colour slowly fades, even as our skin loses a little of its texture. Muscles atrophy, and the effortless figures of youth we enjoyed become a little less full as we lose our sub-cutaneous fat. Eyelids and cheeks droop, and all these changes are the result of the decreased production of the androgen and oestrogen hormones.

It’s a process nobody escapes and it inevitably has an effect upon us.

PEPTIDES, effective action against aging

Fortunately, we can offer mastery over our aging bodies, thanks to medical innovations that are truly spectacular. It is the prime focus of renowned antiaging doctor Evan Gikontes.

Peptide treatment is cosisted of polypeptide hormones, having the extraordinary capacity to stimulate the release of the growth hormone. Growth hormone is fundamentally a natural secretion of the body, allowing us to reach our full adult development and renewing cells. However, its production reaches a peak at puberty, and diminishes thereafter. As the years pass, our cells lose the capacity to regenerate themselves and end up deteriorating. That, ultimately, is the source of the visible signs of aging.