MARVISTA   for Premenopause states.  Amenorrhea ( for up to a year ) due to Menopause , Ovarian Cysts , Polycystic Ovaries and other similar conditions. Subfertility . Take 4 capsules in the morning and 4 in the evening. Take half an hour before food. Abstain from coffee , alcohol, Cola beverages and Decaf. , until the end . Also, abstain from foods that may contain the above substances.

The cessation of the menstrual period in women, it’s called menopause. Menopause is
usually preceded by the climacteric, a phase where the woman has normal periods of
menstruation, however, she is starting to have abnormalities, like hot, flashes, insomnia,
depression, irritation, increase of weight, and menstrual irregularities. Most of these
symptoms continue also in the period of menopause, where they make the life of the woman
difficult. Besides, this, there are also social extensions of the problem. The loss of libido that
comes together with menopause and the climacteric, in conjunction with the insomnia and
irritation, results in women, not wanting their husbands, and so we have increased divorces,
and children that are without a father and a mother, resulting in difficulty to become, the
good citizens that they could become, if they had more love and all their family. Also,
imagine a female judge, the 1st to judge a difficult case, hasn’t slept the previous night
because of the climacteric and menopausal symptoms, and has to judge under the influence
of hot flashes. Also, imagine a female teacher, that has to correct. The students papers, all
that has to teach all the powers to examine students at examinations, and is under the
influence of the above mentioned symptoms!
Menopause and climacteric, pause, a major worldwide problem of the female population, all
around the world.
This problem did not use to exists so much before, because women would start entering
menopause at their 50 years old, and would die at about 64, so they would only have 14
years of menopause, they would be sick at the time, having problems of old-age, so it would
be difficult for them to treat menopause, it would be also difficult to recognise menopause
among old-age and other problems that would exist at the time.
Women and men now die much later, and a woman would get into menopause at 45 years
old, and would die at 90 years, old or more. That means, that she has 45 years of
menopause, almost another lifetime where she has to live under the influence of the
menopausal symptoms.
The problem
The symptoms and repercussions of climacteric and menopause, are:
Hot, flushes
Weight increase.
Hashimoto, thyroid
Increase of cholesterol in the blood.
Myocardial infarct

The existing treatment

The existing treatment in our times that we are leaving now, is hormonal treatment. That is,
when the woman goes to the gynaecologist, complaining of the above symptoms, and the
gynaecologist finds out that she is in climacteric or menopause, main thing, the doctor will do
is to administer chemical hormones. This is done with the rationale of correcting the normal
depletion of the normal hormones. However, there are many drawbacks in this treatment,
the first being that chemical hormones have been blamed to cause cancer of the breast and
of the gynaecological organs, and, also, the administration of chemical hormones , results
finally in decreasing even more of the hormones of the woman herself.
This is because in the body there is an innate mechanism that is called negative feedback
What does this negative feedback mechanism do? The more hormones we give them, the
women, coming from outside, the more this mechanism decreases the hormones that the
ovaries are producing. So, in fact, giving the women’s hormones Per os, that is, from the
mouth, we are actually decreasing their capability of producing hormones themselves. Now
these women are usually in a state of less production of hormones because they are in the
climacteric or menopause, and by giving them hormones from the mouth, or by injection,
what we actually do is that we increase their hormones for a small period of time, but then,
due to the negative feedback mechanism, the body will decrease the hormone of the woman
even more, resulting in the increase of symptoms.
The solution
Marvista is a novel herbal formulation, containing a special recipe of herbs, that has been
given to us through the ages, from ancient sages, that knew very well how to combine two
treatments in order to make a new treatment that would have the value of four not of two,
that is, sages that knew how to combine herbs, to have The result of synergy.
Marvista is completely natural, 100%, does not contain any chemical substances, and will
treat young girls with ammenorhea , also girls that suffer from PCO syndrome, also women
that suffer of climacteric and menopause.
Marvista has the capability of reversing all these symptoms, but not only that it can also
bring back a menstruation that has stopped for up to a year ! There is no chemical or natural
formulation that can do this in the world up to now! Of course, when we give hormones,
chemicals that is hormones, these substances may build endometrium, and when we cease
the administration of hormones, then the endometrium falls, presenting blood that mimics
menstruation, however, this is not ministration, it is medically called withdrawal bleeding.
Menstruation is always the result of ovulation, and hormonal replacement therapy may
cause withdrawal bleeding, but it does not cause ovulation. There are other chemical
substances that can cause ovulation, but we use them only in in vitro fertilisation, because
they are very heavy on the liver.
Marvista is a hormonal optimisator, and it can also optimise the function of the ovaries.
Marvista is a breakthrough treatment that can only be used in women, however, in all stages
of their lives that require hormonal adjustment.
Marvista can also support the ovary during an attempt of in vitro for fertilisation, or Xi, or any
other kind of artificial insemination. It will increase fertility by its self, and it will help in every
attempt the woman does to become pregnant.